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serious injury lawyers

Our Solicitors are able to provide solid and technical expertise and representation if you have suffered a catastrophic injury. They are able to assist with the provision of a detailed and ongoing care and rehabilitation regime, deal with any technical procedural matters, involve the Court of Protection and provide representation, ensure that you have the best expert evidence and deal with complicated settlements and financial structures including Periodical Payment Orders.

Our Solicitors are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and are accredited members of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Scheme.

Our Solicitors are able to represent you whether you are privately funded, insurance backed and if appropriate, under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). For more information, please call '0203 405 2876'.

We provide a first class service to our clients at all times. Client care is paramount and we pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of service and advice in a clear, professional and concise manner. Our Solicitors recognise the importance of traditions, the customs and languages of different cultural communities and always consider these of paramount importance when discussing a matter with a client. They will ensure that a member of staff who speaks your chosen language communicates with you.

Our Solicitors also offer services from one of our approved interpreters. They have clients from several different backgrounds, all of whom have retained them as a result of this specific service and their expertise. They recognise that all traditions and customs must be understood as these can present a barrier when trying to overcome an emotional and difficult situation.

Our premises are equipped with modern facilities. We have spacious conference rooms. The premises are designed for those with physical disabilities, with wheelchair access and an internal lift. We can also make arrangements for conferences to be held elsewhere.

We are able to travel across the UK. We pride ourselves on making a real difference helping our client restore as much as possible to their lives.