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Compensation Claims for Brain Injury

brain injury compensation Claims

Brain injuries can range from mild to severe and symptoms can sometimes be subtle. Although these types of injuries are usually the result of road traffic accidents, accidents at work or assaults, they can also be caused by other events. For example, brain injuries can also be caused during birth. Some of the symptoms of adult brain injuries can include changes in mood, behaviour or cognitive function, nausea, blurred vision, memory loss, dizziness and an inability to concentrate. Persistent headaches too are a common feature.

Some adult brain injuries, for example, mild brain injuries are a little more difficult to diagnose. Symptoms can only appear over time and can be subtle. Our Solicitors will be able to assist in ensuring that the correct medical experts are appointed in order to assess the injuries and the effects that these can have on an innocent victim’s life. Paediatric brain injuries/adolescent injuries are often harder to detect.

Symptoms can include unsteady walking, trouble balancing, vomiting, loss of interest in toys or activities, loss of new skills etc. If you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury as a result of another party’s negligence, our Solicitors can assist you in recovering compensation for the injury, suffering, medical and hospital care, current and future wage loss and the cost of future care and rehabilitation.