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Compensation Claims for Loss of Sight

loss of sight compensation

Blindness is a devastating and life changing injury. The loss of sight can be temporary or permanent or partial or total. Accidents that can cause a person to lose sight and give rise to loss of sight compensation claims are those where a claimant suffers complete blindness include head trauma, chemicals, assaults or attacks, grit and sharp objects in the eyes.

If you are someone you know has been left partially sighted or blind as a result of another party’s negligence, our loss of sight compensation solicitors can assist you in recovering compensation for the injury, suffering, medical and hospital care, current and future wage loss and the cost of future care and rehabilitation.

We understand what a devastating effect any loss of sight can have and have a network of experts who can assist at an early stage to ensure that you receive the correct treatment and care.

If you think you may have loss of sight claims then contact one our loss of sight claims lawyers to find out if we can assist you.