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Compensation Claims for Prison Service

prison service compensation claim

Even when managed properly Prisons are a dangerous place. When not managed properly this danger is amplified and those working in the Prison Service risk serious physical and psychological injury. Many of our clients, are unable to return to work in the Prison Service after suffering injury whilst on duty.

Some Prison Service workers have lost their lives as a result of an accident/assault. Our Prison service Claims Lawyers are able to identify when the Prison Service breached the duty of care owed to their employees. Due to funding cuts to the Prison Service frontline Officer numbers have reduced significantly which results in there simply not being enough staff to control Inmate violence is not the only time Prison Service employees are at risk of physical and/or psychological harm.

Our specialist Solicitors have experience in pursuing prison service compensation claims for individuals who have been subject to bullying, harassment and physical assaults by other Prison Service employees.

Below are some of the types of Prison Service claims we can assist with:

  • Failure to properly risk assess inmates.
  • Failure to follow Prison Service Orders.
  • Failure to offer appropriate care and assistance to employees that have witnessed ‘Potentially Traumatic Events’.
  • Physical Assaults.
  • Fatal Accident / Assaults.
  • Harassment / Bullying.

If you think you may have a Prison service compensation claim, contact one our Prison service claims lawyers to find out if we can assist you.