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compensation claims for Rehabilitation

rehabilitation compensation

Our Solicitors are able to assist you in accessing the specialist care that could make a different to your life and those of loved ones. They specialise in achieving rehabilitation compensation as part of your catastrophic injury claim. With any serious injury, rehabilitation is key. Rehabilitation aims to improve your ability to carry out the everyday activities that have been effected by the injuries.

Our Solicitors are able to assist with putting in place multi-disciplinary rehabilitation regimes including occupational therapy, workplace rehabilitation, leisure rehabilitation, activity grading and graded exposure. Our catastrophic Injury lawyers will pursue a rehabilitation compensation claims package on your behalf to cover these costs.

We are also able to provide for our specialists in rehabilitation medicine to work closely with many medical specialities, healthcare professionals and other agencies to assess and provide intervention to injured Claimants.

We have extensive experience in rehabilitation claims. Our specialists are able to assist with treatment being provided in the private sector, assessing patients for complex assistive technology such as specialist wheelchair seating and practical procedures to reduce pain and other impairments.

f you think you may have rehabilitation claims, contact one our rehabilitation claims lawyer to find out if we can assist you.