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compensation claim for spinal cord injury

spinal cord injury compensation claim

A spinal cord injury is an injury to the central nervous system in the spinal cord and can result in full or partial loss of motor control and sensation.. People with a severe spinal cord injury are likely to have paralysis in all four limbs (tetraplegia).

Someone with a severe spinal cord injury will have little or no movement in their limbs and will probably only be able to move their head and possibly their shoulders. They may also need a ventilator to assist their breathing. Somebody with a lesser spinal cord injury may be able to extend their elbows and may have some movement in their fingers.

Spinal cord injury claims are complex. If you or a loved one wish to pursue a spinal cord injury compensation claim, our spinal cord injury claim lawyer can assist you in recovering compensation for the injury, suffering, medical and hospital care, current and future wage loss and the cost of future care and rehabilitation.

If you think you may have spinal cord injury claims, contact one our spinal cord injury claim lawyer to find out if we can assist you.