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Mrs H

serious injury's clients

Seema was five years-old at the time of the accident. She was hit by a car when crossing the road. She suffered a severe head injury followed by a prolonged coma. She has been left with right-sided weakness and palsy in the left arm, right-sided weakness in her lower limbs and buttocks and thigh muscles and shortening of the right leg. She is likely to be dependent on a wheelchair in the future and requires a stick for support. She is incapable of managing her affairs, living independently and has not been able to secure employment. She has problems with speech and required specialist teaching. We secured a settlement in excess of £1.8 million to cover future therapies, specialist residential schooling, and an award to enable her to live independently in the future.

Mrs D

serious injury's clients

Mr B contacted us. He was a professional chef in a Michelin starred Indian restaurant. He was working with a bain-marie and had not been provided with the adequate protective clothing. He was using an oven at height when he suffered third degree burns as a result of the spillage. He required several months of treatment and care when he was discharged home. Prior to the accident he lived on his own as his family were in India. We were able to secure the cost of his wife’s travel to the UK with his children and a move to appropriate accommodation so that he could receive the care and emotional support he required. We were also able to secure an adequate package of private therapies, plastic surgery, psychological support and loss of earnings.

Mrs A

serious injury's clients

Mr X’s sister from Staffordshire contacted us in relation to his brain injury claim. Mr X had been represented by a firm of Solicitors in Newcastle and was unhappy with the representation. His sister was his Litigation Friend and his Solicitors had not returned her calls or indeed, put in place any rehabilitation for a period of two years following a traumatic brain injury sustained in a road traffic accident. We were able to arrange for transfer of the file promptly, put in place a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation regime and arrange funding within a period of eight weeks. Within a period of eight months, a bungalow had been purchased for Mr X with the use of interim funds that we had obtained from the Defendant’s Insurers and within two years, Mr X had received a lump sum award of damages, which was invested for his future. Mr X has now managed to gain some quality of life, has an appropriate care and case management regime, which involves therapies and enables him to socialise and take holidays.

Mrs K

serious injury's clients

Mrs M contacted us after her mother had suffered abuse in a care home. We were able to assist with contacting the local police in order to lodge a complaint and ensure that an investigation was commenced. We were then able to make a claim for compensation on behalf of Mrs M’s mother and ensure that she was moved promptly from the care home and therapies including psychiatric treatment was put in place to help her recover.